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Cybersecurity affects everyone

Cybersecurity involves protecting information and systems from major cyber threats, such as cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, and cyber espionage. In their most disruptive form, cyber threats take aim at secret, political, military, or infrastructural assets of a nation, or its people.

Cyber security is therefore a critical part of any governments' security strategy but it also affects many small businesses every year.

Our Cybersecurity Program

This program is designed for technical professionals in all areas who seek a deeper and broader understanding of cybersecurity. You will learn essential tools needed to identify, prevent, and mitigate cyber threats in a hybrid learning environment. Each online class will be 16 weeks in length and this master's degree program (10 courses) can be completed in 5 semesters.

Admission to the Program

  • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science, Computing and Information Systems, or bachelor’s degree in related area and comparable experience working in the information technology field.  Students having a Bachelor's degree without this background may complete the following prerequisite courses before beginning the certificate:  CSC 116, 216, 220, 314, 309, 330, 422 & 423 (26 hours).
  • Minimum of 2.75 GPA in major and/or in prerequisite courses listed above or their equivalent. 
  • Undergraduate Computer Science coursework comparable to a minor in Computer Science with additional courses in Networking, Programming proficiency in C or other acceptable high-level language, Operating Systems, and computer ethics.
  • In order to continue in the program, students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA. 
  • To obtain the certificate a student must complete the above-mentioned courses with an average grade of 3.0 (B) or higher and no more than 2 grades of C.
  • Certificates must be completed within 4 years.  Courses completed more than 4 years ago may not be accepted for the certificate.
  • All courses applied for this certificate program must be taken from Mississippi College.
  • Students would be required to buy textbooks and a membership to ACM with the Digital Library for $42.
Code Course Name Hours Offered In
CSC 5435 Computer Security 3 Fall
CSC 5436 Cryptography & Network Security 3 Spring
CSC 5438 Computer & Network Forensics 3 Summer
CSC 6530 Ethics & Law in Information Security 3 Fall
CSC 6536 Wireless, Mobile, & Cloud Computing 3 Summer
CSC 6540 Development, Assessment, & Implementation of Information Security 3 Spring
CSC 6522 Topics in Operating Systems 3  
CSC 6523 Topics in Computer Networking 3  
  Additional Hours of Graduate CSC Courses 6  

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